Experience, Expertise, Effectiveness, Efficiency

Business Overview

Continuously adding tangible value to clients' projects.

Core Strategies

  • Committed to our Clients.
  • Dedicated to our Mission.
  • Accountable to our Goals.
  • Directed by our Beliefs.
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Financial Overview

Strength and capacity resulting in measurable successes.

Efficient Results

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Expert Leadership

Relevant and deep experience providing vision & direction.

Focused Experience

  • Recognized as industry leaders.
  • Expertise in all key positions.
  • Optimized internal operations.
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Site Monitoring

NewBridge Services monitors sites bonded through surety companies including Cumberland Surety.

NewBridge Advantage

Our site monitoring is comprehensive and professionally responsible for all parties and conditions. Check out the details >>

Large Workout Programs

We manage large reclamation projects as program architect, consultant, and/or general contractor.

Total Services

The industry leader specializing in reclamation obligations needing resolution to allow acquisition, merger, or bankruptcy.

Risk Analysis

Comprehensive, precise assessment & evaluation reports leveraging advanced methodologies.


Our risk analysis methodology is considered the gold standard in the industry. Find out why >>


NewBridge Services monitors mine sites bonded through Cumberland Surety to ensure compliance with reclamation requirements and identify any potential operational issues that may eventually lead to surety losses developing. With more than 200 years of direct experience in mining reclamation operations under applicable state and federal laws, NewBridge’s expertise is unequaled in the United States.

NewBridge also develops and manages large reclamation workout programs. The company functions as a program architect, consultant, and/or general contractor in situations where significant reclamation obligations need resolution to allow acquisition, merger, or bankruptcy

Over the past 12 years, NewBridge has engineered solutions for a variety of projects that required resolution to problematic reclamation obligations. 

NewBridge also has performed formal analyses of operator’s exposure for Chas Coal, Appalachian Fuels, Trinity Coal, and Utica Insurance Company. The reports proved instrumental to the resolution of questions around sale, merger and reclamation obligations.

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  • Named William “B” Patterson as the new President of NewBridge Services
  • Something else good


  • Bill Adams retires as company president after eight years of leading the effort to deliver innovative, quality solutions to our company, our clients and our industry.


Our Mission