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Based in Lexington, Kentucky with over 200 combined years of experience, NewBridge’s expertise is unequaled in the United States.

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  • Construction Management
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Site Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Loss Mitigation

NewBridge Reclamation

By The Numbers

Over $1.7B total bond amounts under management
Total number of bonds greater than 10,000
More than 28,000 inspections performed

Industries Served by NewBridge

Client Sectors

  • Coal Mining Industry
  • Regulators
  • Surety Bond Companies
  • Law Firms & Bankruptcy Trustees

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For all of our client sectors, NewBridge Reclamation provides effective and comprehensive solutions.

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Make the reclamation solution an easy decision

With our proprietary methodology, NewBridge monitors bonded mine sites to ensure compliance with reclamation requirements and identify any potential operational issues that may eventually lead to surety losses developing.

With more than 200 years of direct experience in mining reclamation operations under applicable state and federal laws, NewBridge's knowledge and skills are a perfect match to the regulator's needs.


Mining Companies

Intelligent, relevant, measurable successes

Profitable mining projects often demand an independent, experienced, long term perspective that gives you expert oversight and dynamic management.

We have extensive experience with all types of mining projects on every continent performing:

  • Surface and underground mines
  • Slope stability and strata control
  • Rock engineering
  • Heap leach processes
  • Tailings disposal
  • Acid rock drainage
  • Waste engineering
  • Environmental monitoring and management
Coal production at one of the open fields in the south of Siberia. Dumpers "BelAZ". September 2015.
In a business dictionary, "Warranty" is defined.

Surety Bond Companies

Adding value to effective partnerships

NewBridge makes the job of a Surety Bond provider easy, straightforward and efficient. Surety companies have enough to deal with without worrying about reclamation projects. That's why surety bond companies choose NewBridge.

Law Firms & Bankruptcy Trustees

Straightforward, responsible, accountable

With our track record of organizational efficiency, NewBridge is responsive to the designated obligations of acquisitions, mergers and bankruptcies. Our extensive experience positions us as uniquely qualified to work with law firms and bankruptcy trustees to create quality deliverables while meeting deadlines.

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NewBridge Reclamation Construction Management

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NewBridge Reclamation site inspection

Experience, Expertise, Effectiveness, Efficiency

For over 20 years, NewBridge has engineered solutions for a variety of projects that required resolution to problematic reclamation obligations.

With more than 200 years of direct experience in mining reclamation operations, NewBridge’s expertise is unequaled in the United States.