During the past 40+ years, over 2 million acres of mined lands have been successfully reclaimed in the U.S. As was true in the past, we are just as professionally committed today to make regulators' jobs easier in all reclamation efforts

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Addressing the needs of Regulators

Specializing in customized support formed by relevant experience.

Proven Processes

  • Value-adding methodologies
  • The NewBridge Advantage?

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Site Reclamation Management

Developing and managing large reclamation workout programs.

Efficient Results

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Risk Analysis & Loss Mitigation

Structuring and monitoring manageable bonding programs.

Focused Experience

  • Recognized as industry leaders.
  • Expertise in all key positions.
  • Optimized internal operations.

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Experience and Expertise

NewBridge Services offers the experience and knowledge to help mining companies meet the diverse, and sometimes difficult technical challenges unique to their industry in a practical and reliable manner.

We assist our clients balance operational efficiency with the requirements of good stewardship, environmental sustainability, and their regulatory requirements. We consistently maintain a focus on quality, safety, and sustainability.

From sustainable water management and natural resources engineering to mine remediation and closure, NewBridge provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, construction, quality assurance, and program management services to the mining industry around the world.

As a leading mining consulting firm, we apply our global expertise and knowledge to assist the world?s largest mining companies with their environmental, water, waste management, and infrastructure projects.

Unique and Proven Solutions

NewBridge brings value throughout the mine life cycle through our innovative solutions, as well as vast global industry knowledge of all stages of mining operations. Our strong culture of project management is supported by proven cost, schedule and quality control systems.

We appreciate that mining companies are now mining ever lower ore grades and understand the constraints ? water, power, costs and social license ? that this creates.

NewBridge is at the forefront of making smart use of water within the sector. We have proven that well-planned site water management can be sustainable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, and sometimes that deciding component of a mine?s success, as the industry and the world strives to balance the use of the Earth?s resources with ecologically sound practices.

Our 8 Commitments to our Clients

  • Recognize that health and?safety?are paramount and understand mining industry practices, processes and environmental safety requirements, which contribute to our excellent safety record.
  • Meet our clients? schedules and budgets and view every project with an eye toward smart solutions that provide practical value to operators. Our depth of expertise and experience around the world allow us to bring technical insight to each mining project.
  • Bring practical know-how?from having worked on the world?s most technologically challenging coal mining projects to each of our clients? projects.
  • Stay abreast of the evolution of mining technologies, solutions and innovation to assist our clients to maximize the return on their investment, particularly in designing and implementation of concepts and designs that result in well closed and remediated coal mines.
  • Integrate sustainable engineering practices into our designs and projects as part of our commitment to our clients? success, our mutual responsibility to stewardship of the Earth?s resources and our commitment to minimizing impact on surrounding communities.
  • Are passionately engaged in helping our clients maintain positive community relations and provide social relations and outreach services to communities and other stakeholders.
  • Hire the most capable people and provide them with the best training and tools to provide the outstanding client service our culture demands.
  • Offer?client workshops?on critical topics within the mining industry.

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