Risk Evaluation & Loss Mitigation

Mining activity impacts the surrounding environment years after extraction efforts are over. Issues may include ground surface subsidence, acid mine drainage, slope instability, unsafe highwalls and coal refuse piles.

NewBridge Services has been providing risk evaluations and loss mitigation for over 13 years. We research and assess the extent and scope of documented mines and coal seams.

Our professionals will inspect a project site or corridor reviewing mining impacts such as subsidence features, mine shafts, unnatural terrain, landslides and discolored streams.

When called for, we will conduct a subsurface investigation including soil borings, rock coring, test pits. Direct observation methods may be supplemented with geophysical exploration when the conditions appear to be favorable.

NewBridge Loss Control and Mitigation Services

Pre- Issuance Physical Risk Evaluation

  • Inspection of sites and evaluation of operations
  • Calculation of the Risk on Ground
  • Recommendations for management of bond limits

Ongoing Risk Monitoring

  • Periodic inspection and tracking of risk on ground
  • Emphasis on timely release applications
  • Recommendations to avoid regulatory criticism

Loss Mitigation

  • Evaluation of bond default loss potential
  • Consideration of alternatives to default
    • Reclamation from collateral
    • Reclamation by Surety
    • Reclamation by successor to permit

Lodestar Pyro Prep Plant Before and After

Reclamation Management

Developing and managing large reclamation workout programs.

Efficient Results

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Risk Analysis & Loss Mitigation

Structuring and monitoring manageable bonding programs.

Focused Experience

  • Recognized as industry leaders.
  • Expertise in all key positions.
  • Optimized internal operations.

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Serving the Surety Industry

Specializing in customized support formed by relevant experience.

Proven Processes

  • Value-adding methodologies
  • The NewBridge Advantage?

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